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What's a gigabark?

Voice and Surveys and Texts, Oh My!

So simple even your 4-year-olds could use it.

Unless they'd rather be reading 'War & Peace'.

Telephone and Text Broadcasts, Surveys and Polls. Our bread and butter, that's what we do well. Sometimes called robo-calls, robo-surveys, or robo-fast, it's an effective and cheap way to communicate en mass (unless you're a TV anchorman, and then, well, we just can't compete).

Our core goal is making life simple. If you're a big organization, we have experience integrating and automating large-scale systems and processes. If you're a one-man band, just a couple clicks, and you're mass communicatin'. Whether you're big business or a business of one, we take pride in providing serious power behind a look so basic your children could use it.

See how it works. Or better still... sign up and send some yourself for FREE! Or see more details of our voice, text, and survey capabilities.

All the Reasons We Rock

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