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Follow the progress of your broadcasts in realtime! Know immediately whether voice calls were answered or went to voicemail, how many were busy, and which texts were sent successfully. Don't wait for a call from a representative or an email notification that your broadcast was run. At any point in time, you can see exactly how many of your messages have been sent, how many were answered, how many were busy.

We provide extensive results for the entire broadcast and detailed results for each call. We can also export your results to an Excel spreadsheet, so you can create charts or perform more sophisticated analyses on the data.

For a broadcast, we provide you the following summary data:
  • Total Recipients
  • Total Calls Completed
  • Total Calls In Progress
  • Total Calls Queued (ready to dial, but awaiting telephone resources)
  • Total Calls Ready (not yet queued)
  • Total Calls which were Answered
  • Total Calls which were Not Answered
  • Total Calls which were Busy
  • Total Calls which were Out of Service
  • Total Answered Calls which were Answered by a Human
  • Total Answered Calls which were Answered by Voicemail or Answering Machine
  • Total Answered Calls which were Answered but Hungup prior to the message being played
For each individual call, we provide you:
  • Status of the call (Completed, In Progress, Ready, or Queued)
  • Result of the call (Answer, No Answer, Busy, Out-of-Service)
  • For answered calls, whether it was answered by a Human or Voicemail
  • Starting time of the call
  • Duration of the call

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