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Recipient Lists, Contacts, and Groups

Organize contacts by Phylum, Genus, Species

If that something you really need to do.

We make it downright easy to import and manage your contacts or recipients, edit them and export them. You can automatically add your contacts to your lists when they click on a link with our Developer API. We can even import them from outside websites. And we are also pretty good at integrating with your existing database to pull your lists - especially if lists change frequently - but for that you'll need to call us.

Store as many lists as you want and send to more than one list at a time. Manage your contacts and create different groups to make sending easier. A school might create a set of groups for Seniors, Ping Pong Team, and Debate Team, and add students to one or more of the appropriate groups. Drop us a note, and we'll enable this feature for no extra charge.

Automatically add your contacts or recipients to your groups! Why manually type in a list of clients when they can add themselves automatically when they join your website? Just have your customers or fans click on a link on your website, in your newsletter, your advertisement, on your Facebook page, in an email, or wherever you want. We'll provide your web guru with simple instructions on how to add clients to your Gigabark-based distribution list from a form on your web page.

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